Top Seven

29 Jul

Seven things I fell in love with (or found interesting) this week (in no particular order):

1. Fake to-do lists of Glenn Beck, Mel Gibson and Bristol Palin.  Pope Benedict’s is my favorite, by far.

2. I still have yet to see Toy Story 3, but apparently there are philosophical and neuroscientific aspects of the movie.  Who knew?!  I definitely want to see the movie more after reading this essay.

3. Because I’m mildly obsessed with the work of Sam Harris, here’s his talk at the Edge conference.

4. Hell, here’s the Edge’s New Science of Morality!

5. Not even a strict law can protect British girls from genital mutilation.

6. Jesus and Mo shifted gears with a grammar joke.

7. And back to the New Science of Morality


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